Pop Rocks

When I met the love of my life, 7 years ago, it was like eating pop rocks. It was unexpected, surprising, exciting and sometimes (like the big one's that pop on your tongue too hard) it was painful.

Dating him was like learning something new about myself everyday, he challenged my beliefs and caused me to look at things from a whole new view point.

Even now I remember those early times, the anxious excitement of wanting him to call, the rush of nerves when the phone rang. The way holding hands took over my senses and caused me to miss the plot of several movies. I can picture cuddling on the couch and the uncertainty of where to rest my head or put my hands. I still feel the way my lips tingled and went numb after our first kiss. I recall the comfortable ease of later kisses stolen on the trampoline or in the car and I hear Marc Cohen playing in the background of those moments. I still feel the fierceness of defending my relationship to doubters and the steadfast knowledge that I was right for him and he for me. I hear the rain falling as we took a long walk in it or sat on the porch and discussed college plans. I ache at the memory of uncertainty, the unknowing that comes with separation and the relief that comes with reuniting. I can taste the first meal he made me and linger fondly on memories of the many meals we have eaten together. I can hear the first time he said, "I love you" and see the words of the poems he wrote me. My stomach flips at the thought of the nerves we shared as we moved into one apartment and the fear that consumed me when he joined the Marine Corps. I remember the exhaustion of laughing until we collapsed. I beam with the pride I feel for him when he succeeds and am driven by my want to make him proud. I taste the tears I cried when we fought and smell the flowers he brought me for no reason. I feel the warmth of so many hugs and the love we made. I can hear the words he said to me before he asked me to marry him and the ones we said to each other on our wedding day.

I know that this is the life for me because together we can take on the world and because he still makes me feel like there are pop rocks in my chest.


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