Everlasting Gobstoppers

High school. Camp week. No kissing allowed. Counselors must set a good example.That's unthinkable to both C and me. Young love requires constant lip to lip contact. Making 10 days 9 1/2 days too long.

A game?

Tiny, color changing jaw breakers, no bigger than a marble. Not much time to exchange a sweet kiss in passing. But the candy lasts a little longer in your mouth. Reminding you of that kiss.

Sitting side by side. Legs touching but hands clasped properly to ourselves. I am chewing on a gobstopper. I like knowing that he sees me eating this candy. I imagine that later we will kiss and he will have some candy to take away with him. I hope he is thinking the same. One glance confirms it.

Everyone wins.

Kissing is fun. Was then. Is now.

Everlasting Gobstoppers for our everlasting love.