The past week has seen a lot of Nutty events. This is not hard to understand since I am pretty Nutty and Chris loves to laugh at my silly antics.

Tuesday Koda graduated from puppy class. We have been taking classes for eight weeks and they have really helped us get her under control. In order to graduate she had to do specific tasks at different cones and she only got one treat at the very end. She stopped halfway through for a good scratch but otherwise she passed with flying colors. Following are the Nutty photos we took after graduation!
Yup. Nutty.

Wednesday was a day off because it was Veteran's Day. We got up at 7 and headed over to the DiFelice's to pick them up for a hike. Here in Yuma there is one hiking trail..a few less than we are used to being as all four of us are from Colorado. It is called Telegraph Pass and it is a couple mile hike to a "mountain" top that is home to many antenna. As Bekah noted, "In Yuma you can't escape technology even on a hike!". It started out very easily but when you start climbing the "mountain" it was pretty much straight uphill...this state hasn't mastered the switchback trail yet. Mike and Bekah are pro hikers so they made it to the top super fast. I took a little longer since I basically couldn't breathe and am not a pro hiker! Chris stayed back with me and was, as always, my cheering section. Well, I did make it to the top and it was nice to accomplish it. Here are some photos of the Wood's (Me, Chris, Loki and Koda) and the DiFelice's (Bekah, Mike and Bailey)
(Insert Lion King Music Here)

We are so lucky to have Mike and Bekah in our lives because on top of being amazing friends they bring a little bit of Colorado to Yuma. (And they too are a little Nutty)

Lastly, I wanted to give you a peak into my job, which I love but can be a bit....well, yes....Nutty. For the past 4 months I have been nanny to twin girls. Their names are Taylor and Mckenna and they are freakin' adorable. I get to their house every weekday at 6:15 in the morning and leave around 4 each afternoon. They are almost 9 months old so our days consist of eating, playing, bouncing in the exersaucers, crawling as far as they can, going for walks in the stroller, crying at the top of their lungs because teething hurts and naps. It is so much fun watching them explore and grow. Soon they will be walking and talking and not babies at all!
Taylor Ann

Mckenna Joann

Hope you let your days have a little bit of Nutty in them. It is so much more fun that way!