I'll just have a glass of water

You know how some days things go really well? You know how sometimes the plumber comes and fixes the dishwasher and the shower and the running toilet? You know how sometimes you ask the plumber why the kitchen faucet doesn't swivel and he says that it is corroded and needs replacing? You know how sometimes you think you know better?
Monday was one of those days when I thought I knew better. Corroded you say? I can fix that with some vinegar. I will just wrap the faucet in paper towels soaked in vinegar and let that break down the corrosion. See, look it is getting looser already! I knew it! Now I bet if I just push it a little harder then it will be.....
Oh, crap.
$98 at Lowes later you are back in your kitchen ready to learn about plumbing.
2 hours later you are still under the sink ready to murder whoever put these bolts on so tightly. And what is with rust?! Seriously, if we want information from terrorists we should put them under sinks and make them lay flat on their backs with water dripping in their faces and rust flaking into their eyes and make them loosen bolts.
Terrorism solved. You're welcome.
But you finally get those stupid terrorists. Umm, I mean bolts. And then it is time for the shiny new faucet. The instructions only have 4 steps so it can't be that hard right?
Did I mention that to test the shiny new faucet you have to keep crawling out from under the sink and going outside in the 115 degree heat to turn the water back on at the main source because the valves under the sink are, yup you guessed it, rusted shut?
You know when you have one of those days where you accomplish something you have never done before and you feel super proud of yourself and you take a 30 minute shower?
Monday was one of those days.