Not my finest moment

After we got home from Baton Rouge things were pretty hectic. G didn't sleep wonderfully the night we got home and the next day we had a full schedule. 
I had breakfast with Kate to catch up. We did our usual Einstein's Bagels/ Starbucks coffee combo and settled in for some gabbing. I am so spoiled having her living in the same house the past 4 months. She moves into her own place next weekend so I guess we are slowly starting the separation before I go back to Yuma. 

After that I headed home to munch on sweet baby cheeks before my next outing. Koda-puppy and I had a date with the doggie trainer. She has some serious behavioral issues that we are trying to resolve...you know, what with a helpless infant in the house and all...

Silly me I drove about 15 minutes to the WRONG location and so I was pretty late getting to our session. Ooooops. 

That afternoon some very old and very dear friends came over. These are friends from the very start of high school, friends I stayed up late with and gossiped about boys with and chalked driveways with and laughed and laughed and laughed with. Friends who are now both married, one has a one year old daughter! We are old huh?
Willa, Libby, Hilary, Me and G-money
(yes, my five month old weighs as much as her one year old...)
It was a jam packed day.

Thursday was just as busy. 

We had baby gym class in the morning. G loves it, we sing songs and do flips and play with big rubber balls and tiny little bubbles. It is a great baby exhaustion tool too.

Back home he was down for the count so Grandma offered to watch the baby monitor while Kate and I grabbed lunch. Kate had to head to work afterwards so we had a quick meal at Qdoba. Love that place.

On my way home, a route I have take about a million times, I ran into some trouble. I stopped, I blinked left, I looked left, I thought the white Trailblazer was turning right onto my street. I was wrong. Crash. Bang. Boom. Shock. 
No injuries, save my pride.
 Lots of prayers of thanks that G-man was home with Grandma and not in his usual place in the rear of my car.
Like I said. Not my finest moment.