Dark Chocolate

I love dark chocolate. Sure, regular milk chocolate is still delicious but I would pick dark chocolate any day. And please don't even bother talking to me if you think white chocolate deserves to live, it isn't even made of the same part of the cocoa plant and if you ask me it tastes like wax! Dark chocolate is the thing for me and I crave it.
When I was living in Florence the grocery store I shopped at had an amazing dark chocolate bar, divided into 12 squares, each one full of dark chocolate ganache. Heavenly! I would buy one almost every week and my goal was to make it last until the weekend. Every night I would break off 3 squares and see how long I could make them last. My roommates teased me mercilessly for my freakish eating habits. However, this was the way I could satisfy both halves of my personality. The half that MUST have dark chocolate and the half that knows I can't eat a candy bar everyday or I will explode.
It it the same way with M&M's, a company who has finally had the good sense to start producing dark chocolate M&M's! I get my tiny little bowl full and then see how many commercial breaks they can survive. I have to eat them in patterns. One color at a time, or alternating colors. Usually I eat my least favorite M&M color (orange) first, then yellow, red, green and finally blue! If there are equal numbers of colors that is the best, but hey, I'm not particular or anything....
Also, I blame my M&M issues on my Mom (how Freudian of me) because she too loves them and eats them in small portions. Also, my Mom hides them. No, not like Easter eggs but like, "I don't want to share these". Sometimes in her house you open a random cupboard to find a bag of M&M's back behind the canned green beans or the Christmas china. It is hilarious and adorable.
So, if you ever eat out with me just know that I don't want the vanilla ice cream or the apple pie, I want to Death By Chocolate Cake and I will not be sharing.


Katie said...

I think we must come by some of our strange habits genetically. New people are always discovering that I'll take one of those fun sized candy bars (or what have you) and eat it in tiny little bites and then they make fun of it. They just eat it in one bite. But then it doesn't last as long! Foolishness!

Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!