Razzles...first it's a candy, then it's a gum...

This seems like the appropriate candy to choose for a post about changes. Much like Razzles this blog started out as one thing and is about to change into something a little different. When I began writing it was solely because I wanted a place to let out the silly little snip-its that come into my mind at random intervals. However, as our life continues to change and become ever busier and crazier and more unpredictable it seems like a good idea to shift the focus of the posts. The plan is to write more about our day to day life in order to keep all of our loved ones, who are scattered with the wind, updated.

Since I (Jen) am the one who began the blog it seems likely that I will be the one who does the posting, but we will see if we can corral Chris into jotting down something every once and a while.

At the moment we are enjoying the changes taking place as fall creeps into Yuma. The temperature is no longer shooting into the triple digits and we are finally able to appreciate the perpetual sunshine. It is now walk weather, Barbecue weather, jeans weather and my favorite-sitting on the back patio and playing with the dogs weather! As I hear more and more about snow and ice in Colorado it is nice to open the garage door each day with no concern for shoveling. Our big black dogs are so relieved to be able to venture outside for more then 5 minutes at a time without needing to scurry back indoors to gulp water and pant heavily.

One part of fall that I do miss is the leaves. Watching them change color as they cling to the bare branches, floating slowly to the ground and creating a blanket of hues over the dead grass. Here we don't have many leaves but oh well, do you have cacti? Didn't think so!

As you enjoy your crisp fall day, perhaps sipping the requisite Pumpkin Spice Latte or Carmel Apple Cider, just know that we wish we could celebrate fall with all of you!


Katie said...

"Crisp fall day"...I wish. It's pouring, which is basically all it ever does here, and cold. On my way to work I got soaked and then had to sit in a freezing office with my sneakers full of water.

I'd definitely take being in Arizona right now. ;)

I'm glad you'll be keeping us updated. I miss you both!


Anonymous said...

Love Loki's sunglasses. Like the new "together" blog and look forward to remarks from both of you. On to the weather. In the 20's here (Granby) and expecting lots of snow. (Also expecting a foot or more in Highlands Ranch expected in the next couple of days.)
Love you both so much (and Loki and Koda too). Mama