Homebaked Bread

Ooops, I forgot to blog. For over a month. My bad....
In my defense it has been a very busy month. Chris came home and life went back to being gloriously normal.
I baked fresh loaves of whole wheat bread. I made him yummy sandwiches of eggplant, pesto, roasted red pepper and spinach when he came home from work for lunch.
I kicked his butt at Risk. Actually, I kick Chris' butt at most games, which I am sure he would never admit. It makes him quite pouty sometimes...
Chris taught me how to change the oil in both of the Jeeps. I did really well and impressed myself. It is dirty work but I make it look cute.
We drove to Colorado...yes, I drove there AGAIN. Family was so happy to see Chris after his deployment so that was lovely.
I got to do an impromptu photo shoot with my lil' sister so she can redo her blog before leaving for Spain to teach English for a whole year. I will miss her ever so much but I am glad she is heading off to have many grand adventures!
Oh, yeah... Chris and I went to Jamaica for our two year anniversary!! I shall share a whole post of pictures from that glorious vacation on another day. For now, I am alive, I am doing well and I promise to blog more!