Orange Juice, Soda Water, Tequila and a lime

Long ago and far away in a land we call vacation this was my drink of choice.
When Chris and I were in Jamaica things were simple.
Pool or beach?
Rum or tequila?
Nap or read a book?
Snorkel or sail?
Restaurant or room service?
Ahhhh, I miss vacation.

We have been home for almost a month now and I have been putting off blogging about it because that means it is really in the past.

Chris and I are generally pretty adventurous, we like to go places and do things all the time. However, since Chris was coming off a deployment we decided it would be best to do nothing but sit on a beach and enjoy each other's company. So it was decided that we would spend 8 days at the Sandals resort in Montego Bay Jamaica.

It was glorious! The beaches were white and soft and clean. The water was clear and blue and perfectly cool. The food was yummy and available at anytime of day or night. We started out in one amazing room with ocean view. However, after the power went out one night, we were moved to an even more amazing room with an even better ocean view.

We celebrated our second anniversary, it is wild how quickly the past two years have flown by.

We went snorkeling twice and enjoyed playing with hundreds of colorful fish. We did one excursion to Dunn's River Falls where we got to hike up a waterfall. It was a pretty neat experience except for the gigantic spiderwebs that I noticed in the trees above the waterfall....complete with giant spiders. Yick!
It was a much needed chance to relax and reconnect without any stresses of everyday life. See, I feel relaxed just writing about it. Oh Jamaica I miss you!


Tiffany Anne Rosenbower said...

Sounds like an amazing vacation. I've always wanted to go to Jamaica someday.