Salted and Sun Kissed

The beach is over.

Not to be melodramatic... I do realize that the beach still exists.

For us, however, it is over until at least next summer and that makes me sad.

Little G was a super beach stud! He was not a fan of being slicked up with SPF 100 Coppertone Water Babies but he loved being in the Gulf. I often use waves as white noise when he sleeps and as a result he would pass out in my arms almost immediately upon entering the water. Didn't hurt that the Gulf of Mexico is warmer than the recommended bath water temperature for most babies...

I bought his highness a little beach tent and it turned out to be a big hit among everyone. After his floating nap time I would strip G down naked and let him wiggle around on a towel in the shade. He was a huge fan.

Another beach plus was how well G slept, the fresh air and sunshine really knocked him out at night.

We missed Chris tons and tons and I am already imagining him building sandcastles with G next summer.

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