Not a lot in the past three months has felt familiar.
We welcomed little G and with all his perfection comes uncertainty the likes of which I have never felt.
Chris deployed. Which should feel familiar since he was also deployed only 9 months ago. However, last time he was on a boat and this time he is in Afghanistan. Worrying for his safety is unfamiliar.
I moved back to Colorado and that should definitely feel familiar. But living at home as a 25 year old with an infant is a whole new ballgame.
This week we are in Redington
beach Florida. At the Sea Oats condos. We are with my grandma, my aunt, two boy cousins, my mom, Kate and G.

And it is familiar.

We have been coming to these condos since I was an infant. Almost every summer. The older all the kids got the harder it was to organize between camps and jobs and college searches. In fact the last time I was here was six years ago. It was the first big family event that Chris came too.
Having G with me feels familiar here, like it is just the next page of the story here at the beach. It was the cousins that spearheaded the trip this year and I know we will continue the tradition as we keep growing up.
Pulling into the condo was familiar, joking about the worlds slowest elevator was old hat, the same layout of bedrooms and kitchen was easy to traverse, the view from the balcony was as expected.
A lot of times I crave the new and the unknown but after a crazy few months it is a blessing to be here in the familiar.

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