For my hunny

This post will probably be weird for most people. It is weird for me because usually I take pictures of other people or things. However, my dearest husband recently commented in an e-mail that sometimes he just needs, "a dose of your face". Here you go babe, a dose of my crazy face.
Enjoying some Arizona sunshine
Why must I do laundry?
Silly Jen face
Crazy hair after sunbathing with a good book
Waiting in the Doctor's office
I thought you might also need a dose of some doggy face. Loki and Koda send you a box full of slobbery kisses. Don't worry, when you get home you have full tennis ball fetch privileges...I will gladly tap out. Had to bribe her with a toy to sit still
"Come inside and feed me Mom"
Getting some water from the baby pool
Loki doing some hard time in the backyard
Here is what I had to wear to meet my dermatologist. The original outfit was so darn cute and then I get in there and they give me the,"put this on, open to the back" routine and before you know it I was meeting a stranger dressed in paper. I had to keep the shoes on to maintain my dignity...
Hopefully all this wonderful pandering has warmed you up for some news.
I bought a new TV.

....pause for panic.....
The old one has been slowly making more and more unusual noises when I watch it, especially at any volume over 1o. I did some research, I waited for a sale, I used a coupon. Still love me? I sure hope so, but if you don't...I am taking the TV.
Remember the old guy?
Isn't she prettier?
Alright, that is enough for one day. Chris, I love you, I miss you. I hope you enjoyed this mish mash of my face and large electronics... Now come home so we can watch movies on the new TV!


Alexa Mae said...

you are adorable and so so pretty. i love this post. and i want those purple shoes. i HATE the things they make you wear at the doctors office. blah!

Elizabeth said...

Those shoes? Are they the ones at Target, because I want them...and if so, they are cuter in real life than on the website. And I just might have to buy them.

Jen and Chris said...

They are indeed from Target!

JMay said...

Such a sweet post for your hubby. Brought a smile to my face :-)