Vinegar and Honey

They say "you catch more flies with honey than vinegar" and beyond my initial question as to why one would want to be catching flies (to power very small wind generators?) I guess the phrase is correct. I thought I would share with you a few things in my life that are the honey and a few that are vinegar.
This weekend I got to see a dear friend from our time in Virginia who I haven't seen since May. She and her husband are in the process of moving to Camp Pendelton, California and luckily their route came right through my town. She brought me these beautiful flowers and improved my entire weekend just by being here for a few hours.
On Saturday I take a 90 minute class at my gym. It is 30 minutes of step and 60 minutes of free weights. It is intense but a great workout. This morning I got there slightly later than usual and ended up behind this sprightly little blond chick. She bounced around with the greatest of ease making the torturous moves seem simple. If that wasn't enough reason to dislike her then read on..She was also rude enough to keep checking her phone and sending texts for the whole 90 minutes. In what country is that ok?
Since I do not take my electronics to the gym you will have to use your imagination for this one...Barbie with a Blackberry...
My best friend out here in the desert always cheers up my days. Last weekend she was in Phoenix and was lucky enough to spend some time at Trader Joe's, a store we both love and wish we had here in no-where land. She came home with several gluten-free treats for me as well as this beautiful begonia plant. Isn't it pretty? Also pictured are a few of my other 'honeys' -coffee, anything with birds on it, water water water and of course my laptop in the background.


That week in every month where most of the bills arrive. You know, the week where you open the mailbox and think "Wow! Look at all that mail, people must love me!" and then you see the return addresses and just go search for your checkbook.
I LOVE really comfy shirts to lounge around the house in. My personal favorites are Chris' PT (physical training) shirts, in fact I am wearing one as I type this. They are soft, they have been washed a million times and I can sometimes pretend they still smell like him.
Seeing the stack of aforementioned PT shirts and remembering that I have to survive another 4 months before Chris will be home to wear them again. Also, remembering what they will actually smell like once he is home to wear them to the gym again...
Tomatoes with balsamic vinegar and herbs de Provence (can I use something including vinegar in my "honey" list? I make the rules and I say I can!)
I hope your days are filled with way more honey than vinegar.


Veronica said...

What a fabulous post! I love Trader joes too. I went for the first time in January when we were in California. But, if we move to Madison they have one there!

Kate said...

I am so happy you were able to visit with your friends. I love your mug AND water bottle...I haven't seen either before, I don't think.

Remind me again why we live hundreds of miles apart instead of next door? I've decided I absolutely do not like it.