Fish Tacos and Key Lime Martinis

Last week I headed up to my old college stomping grounds in Fort Collins, Colorado. I loved living there for four years and I felt my heart leap a little as I exited the highway and took Harmony straight west toward the mountains and Horsetooth rock. It is a college town with a twist, it has the most restaurants per capita in America but you can go hiking, white water rafting or camping less than 30 minutes outside of town. It is family friendly but you can ride your bike to New Belgium Brewery, sit and have a few beers. It is well developed but there is still open space. In short I would love to live there again someday!
Monday I visited with my friend Veronica. It was great to see her again and we had a lovely time eating fish tacos at La Luz and walked around Old Town. We took a trip to CSU's bookstore so I could replenish my college t-shirt collection (mine are all disintegrating). It was pretty funny to see all the tour groups full of 18 year olds wandering the campus, it seems so long ago. She is moving to Madison, Wisconsin with her husband soon and I am so glad we got to catch up before she leaves town.
Monday evening I headed out to Libby and Mike's house. I have known Libby since high school, she was with me the first time I met Chris and I was with her the first time she met Mike. We have been many mission trips together and discussed huge life decisions with each other. I stood in her wedding and she stood in mine. She is a good friend whom I do not see nearly enough. Libby is also 6 months pregnant with her first child! She is going to be such a loving and patient mother and I cannot wait to meet her child. Tuesday we had a great time wandering a children's store for several hours, oohing and ahhing over little clothes, laughing at parenting books and playing with games.
That evening I met up with my friend Jess. Jess and I were both studio art majors with fiber concentrations. This means we bonded over a mutual geeky love of dyed fibers, complicated weave patterns and detailed embroidery. We always have a fun time together and I love hanging out with her because it is very low key. We hung out at her Dad's restaurant Wednesday night and then played Beatles's Rock Band until late at night. Wednesday we went to the pool, the mall and to the $2 theater to see Oceans. That night we headed to Elliot's, our favorite bar, for some key lime martinis. They are so good I dream about them sometimes!
Thursday morning we went to Snooze, where I had the best breakfast of my life. If you ever have a chance to eat at a Snooze, do it! They have a spunky retro decor. Their pancakes and Benedicts are to die for. After gorging ourselves on breakfast we headed home to start a project. Several hours, a pile of fabric scraps and two viewings of Alice in Wonderland later we both had new patchwork sundresses made from the quilting quarters that Jo-Ann's Fabric sells. Total cost $9! I will put up a picture of the finished project later.
It was a splendid week and I am so glad I got to spend a few days in one of my favorite towns. Now I am in the mountains with my family, pictures and stories to come soon!


Kate said...

Ooo make me a dress! Pick me! Pick me!

I am glad you had such a fabulous reunion with old friends.