Pad Thai

If you are anything like me then you experience those times in life when things are so hectic that you forget to grocery shop and must survive off your hoard of take-out menus.
That is how life has been lately. And so, dear blog readers, I hope you have been eating well out of Styrofoam boxes while I was away. I am back and will give you a brief catch up and resume blogging, allowing myself to dispense with the guilt of not writing for nearly a month.
Oh, but what a month it has been.
Koda was stung by something in the middle of the night. Her face swelled up to twice its normal size and I had to go to Walgreen's at 2 am and then force feed her Benedryl in the parking lot.
I finished working with my beloved twins. Their Mom is on summer break from teaching and in anticipation of a busy year ahead Chris and I decided I would not return to working with them in the fall. It broke my heart to leave them. I was there for rolling over, sitting up, first teeth, first steps etc...
Of course, when I left on the last day they did something they have never, ever, not once, not a single time, ever done when I leave the house....they screamed and cried. It tore my heart out.
I drove to Colorado to be with friends and family while this last month or so of deployment drags on...and on...and on...
My saint of a Mama flew to Arizona to make the 17 hour drive home with me so I could bring the dogs. We had a good drive except for the 130 mile detour due to a sandstorm that closed the highway.
I went to Baton Rouge to see my Aunt get married. It was a lovely service and I cherish anytime I get with my Aunt and my dear cousins and my sister! It was made even better by throwing in a mansion on the beach in Fort Morgan and some hilarious antics from my cousin's boyfriend. That and sporcle (you know you want to check it out) .
I have spent almost everyday since then catching up with old friends and watching HIMYM with my sister. I walk the dogs on the gorgeous trail behind my parent's house and savor every moment of Colorado time. It is a beautiful state.
Alright, there it is. A short blog but I had to rip the band-aid off and dive back into it. I promise not to wait so long to share some more funny stories.


Alexa Mae said...

a road trip sounds so much fun right now. how cool that you got to see so much of your family! i am guessing you are stationed in yuma right? it is death there...and by death i mean hot.

Jen and Chris said...

We are indeed stationed in Yuma...no place should be that hot!

Kate said...

I love Pad Thai.

And you're ok too.

Kevin Kelly said...

ahhhh sporcle.