Decaffeinated Coffee

I know that last time I posted (a billion years ago) I pinkie promised that I would be a better blogger and not wait so long to post again. The problem was that my posts are about what I am doing in day to day life.
For a while day to day life has consisted of sitting on the couch and feeling nauseous.
I guess growing a baby is only inwardly interesting and not so great for blog inspiration.
I will wait while you go back and re-read that last sentence.
Ok, we're back.
It is true, Chris and I are expecting a lil' baby who we lovingly call "Splinter". Splinter is now 13 weeks old and about the size of a peach (yummy). We could not be more excited to meet him/or her in April but for now I just spend most of my time wondering if I am showing yet and worrying whether or not I am doing everything right to take good care of Splinter.
It has been a wonderful time for Chris and I since this is something we have been wanting and dreaming about for a while now. It is so amazing to talk about names and nursery designs and have it be real and not a "when we finally get pregnant" conversation.
Those of you who know me really well may know I tend to worry...a lot. It is not my favorite quality, especially when I am aware of my unreasonable nature. To solve this problem I bought a doppler on Amazon, basically it is a little hand held thing that listens to baby's heartbeat. It is the most magical thing ever to listen to our lil' Splinter's heart racing away. Baby's hearts beat at twice the rate of their Mom so they sound like a horse galloping. Once a day I settle down and listen to Splinter galloping away for a few minutes and then I go about the next 24hours without worrying, best 50$ I ever spent!
I suppose I am going to be the Mom standing over the baby's crib with a mirror under their nose to make sure all is well. But guess what, I am ok with that.
So now you know, our Sweet and Sour life is leaning way more towards the Sweet right now....
But Chris has been working 100 hours a week since September so I guess maybe we are still well balanced!


Veronica said...

So excited for you guys! I've already started picking out baby blanket patterns!

Anonymous said...

Splinter and I have big plans!!! Hiking, skiing, etc.....

Kate said...

Ok, so Dad will take Splinter skiing/hiking and I will ensure that he/she reads Harry Potter. In fact, maybe I'll go ahead and start reading it to Splinter when we meet in June just so they get an early start. ;) Aren't you so glad baby will have Aunt Kate? hehehe.

Kate said...

Hey, I have an idea. Now that you're "out" being pregnant, you should blog some more again. ;) I miss your blog and want to hear fascinating tales of pregnancy...things like "threw up today" or "there's an alien baby in my belly making me want to drink blood and breaking my ribs when it kicks." you know, whatever.