Ice Cream with Cereal

I promised my sister I would blog this week and I hate to break a promise to my sister. I have been so busy lately and somehow the further behind I got in blogging about things the more overwhelming the thought became. So, this post is going to be bullet points about the things that have transpired over the last couple months and then I am going to *try* and jump back into blogging with more regularity.
In October....
*I felt less morning sickness but lots of exhaustion*
*We carved pumpkins and watched a REALLY bad Halloween movie*
*I was the Morton Salt Girl for Halloween*
*Chris finished WTI and so he also finished working 18 hour days and 6 days a week and I was very very very happy to have my husband back!*
I only spent one weekend in November at home...instead....
*Chris and I went to Colorado for 5 days to meet our nephew Noah and see some great friends, Andrew and Courtney, get married. We also wandered Golden, met lil' Willa and saw family and were sad to leave Colorado (as we always are).*
*We spent the next weekend in San Diego where we got to enjoy an amazing ultrasound and were able to see our perfect little BOY dancing around in my belly!*
*I spent 6 days in North Carolina with 5 of my favorite women on the planet. We talked (a lot!) sang karaoke, had impromptu dance parties and generally enjoyed being together. It was so rejuvenating for me and I am so thankful for each and every one of these ladies! XoXo*
*Chris cleaned the whole house while I was in NC (yes, this deserves a bullet point!) explaining that, "I don't want my baby Mama to stress about it"*
*Chris' Mom came for Thanksgiving and we ate a ton of food, watched some awesome movies, enjoyed a ton of Chex mix , visited her Dad in San Diego and spent some time with fun family out there*
*We ordered lil' man's crib and had a fun night setting it up together*
And now it is December...how did that happen???
*I made dinner every night last week (this hasn't happened since August, poor Chris!)*
*We had a fun date to Lowe's to buy paint and chair rail for lil' man's room*
*I drove to Phoenix with two great girlfriends for a fun day of shopping and adventuring (and a little bit of getting lost)*
*Chris painted the whole nursery and put up the chair rail while I was in Phoenix so I wouldn't have to smell the fumes (did I marry Prince Charming or what!)*
And so those are the main events since I last wrote. Now I shall comment on this whole "growing a baby" thing so if that weirds you out then this is your stopping point.
Being pregnant is a constant adventure wherein I have days where all I can say to Chris is, "I feel weird!". I have a nice baby bump that is growing weekly and I am excited that we are halfway done with this pregnancy. I started feeling lil' man occasionally in mid-November and at that point he felt like a little goldfish swimming around in my belly. Now we are getting to a point where I feel him more often and there are definite kicks and rolls going on in there, it is probably the coolest/weirdest feeling ever and I can't wait until Chris can feel him from the outside.
The whole time I said we were having a boy and it turns out I was right (love that) and we are both thrilled to meet him in April.
I think the most annoying thing that people (strangers mostly) say about us having a boy is that my "husband must be relieved/happy it is a boy". Let me set the record straight. Chris is not that kind of guy, in fact he was guessing it was a girl (actually he wanted twins...crazy fool). Chris wanted a healthy baby and didn't give a rat's tooshey what gender the baby was. I think it is sad we still live in a society where people think that a man can only desire a male child, dude, it is 2010!
That being said I can't wait to see what kind of trouble my two guys are going to get into together.
Also, we have name for lil' man and we love said name. However, I do not know everyone who reads this blog and I am not comfortable sharing both my child's name and pictures of him in the same place (sorry, but there are still weirdos in the world). Call me paranoid but I don't want strangers being able to identify my child by his picture and name. So, since I plan on posting scads of pictures I am going to hold back his full name. If we are friends/family in real life then you probably already know our chosen name and I will thank you ahead of time for not posting it here. That being said lil' mans initial will be G and so if I refer to G-man, G-money or lil' G you shall know it is baby! Thanks for understanding!


Kate said...

YAY!!!! Thank you for keeping your promise! I was so excited to log on and see you had updated.

Also, sorry I posted about G-money's name. I will go make that post private.

Love you!

Jen and Chris said...

No worries sister, I hadn't told you we werent going to share the whole name!

Anonymous said...

Chris scores big points in my book for all the right reasons you listed! It bugged the living daylights out of me that everyone said, after having two fantastic daughters "you must want a boy?" "are you going to try again?"....and, I am still not sure you & K believe me to this day....My prayers were answered when you both where healthy!!!
Love you, Daddy

Libby said...

Things I love:
chair rails in nurseries
when babies feel like goldfish
the prospect of gads of pictures