Club Soda with Grenadine

I thought a lot this week about what I should write to say goodbye to 2010 and hello to 2011. I started several posts and deleted several posts and then midnight came and went and here I sit in the third morning of 2011.

2010 was a wild ride to be sure. Chris was gone for half of the year and while we missed each other desperately we both learned a lot about ourselves and our relationship.
While he was away I traveled quite a bit and enjoyed spending time with family and friends all over the US.
Chris completed his deployment in July and we headed to Jamaica to relax and reconnect after spending 6 months apart.
Chris headed back to work in full force and went on to kick butt at another training school that ran from September to November.
We relished "normal" life together full of simple things like movie dates and weekend projects.
And of course we celebrated the news that I was pregnant!
In November I was fortunate enough to spend a week with some of my best friends and it was a rejuvenating trip to be with them again.
Chris and I opened our house and welcomed my Grandma, Mama and Dad for Christmas. Gma and Mama beautified our house with new nursery curtains and freshly recovered/cushioned kitchen chairs and filled our tummy's with delicious food.
Dad and Chris spent a few hours figuring out how to hang the unmanageable corner cabinet that Chris and I had found at an antique store, it looks great in the nursery and I am so thankful I didn't have to help at all!
Christmas day was relaxed and comfortable and we were greatly blessed by the company of family and the generosity of so many people. Little G already has quite the pile of gifts, he is gonna be so spoiled!
We welcomed the new year with some squadron friends around a backyard fire pit, the boys drank beer and I drank club soda with grenadine (YUMMY!).

Looking ahead I am excited and ready for all that 2011 holds. Over the next four months our lives are jam packed with projects and plans.
I head to Colorado in a week for some time with friends and family (time to cuddle my nephew Noah again!)and a shower for the G-man.
In February we are heading to Phoenix to have my sister's talented friend Lauren take some pictures of Chris and myself (and the belly of course).
I suspect/hope March will fly by since it will be full of last minute nursery projects and weekly childbirth classes.
Since the Marine Corps has secret ninjas that research every ones important life dates in order to mess them up it is not really a surprise that Chris' squadron will be in Utah for training for almost the whole month of April.... he is set to return 2 days before Lil' G's arrival date.
Thank goodness for my Mama who is going to come and live with me to make sure I am not all alone if our bundle of joy shows up early.
I am not making resolutions for this year. When I do they often get overlooked and leave me feeling like a failure.
Instead I am entering the year with a heart towards praying more and leaving more of my worries at God's feet.
I am entering the new year with love for myself and my husband and for our unborn son.
I an entering the new year with hope.
Hope that I can be kinder to myself.
Hope that I get to see my little sister even more this year than last.
Hope that I can see other people's point of view more easily and not take things so personally.
Hope that I can be confidant enough in myself to know that I am a patient and supportive wife, giving friend and soon to be protective and loving Mommy.
Hope that the next year brings a healthy and happy baby and lots of time with Chris and our families.
2011 will be a memorable year to be sure and my wish is that you all enter it with as much hope as me!