The past month has been a whirlwind. We started out with family in town for Christmas and haven't really slowed down since. I spent 8 days in Colorado and just got home last Tuesday, I intend on writing about that someday...but for now I am still floating on the clouds of a lovely weekend with Chris .

Saturday morning came with no particular urgancy. It was a gorgeous day outside, the kind of day where the light is just right and it reaches into your house and cheers you up .

Chris and I have been bringing the nursery together a step at a time and it is almost done now. My parents gifted us with our coveted glider/rocking chair and it arrived this week so it was on our to do list for the weekend. It was a breeze to put together and is so lovely to sit in, I have told Chris that if sleeping becomes any more uncomfortable he may find me in the rocker at night. After the chair was assembled we just hung out in the nursery for a while, it is so much fun to imagine lil' G being here in 3 short months. My bunny (yes, I sleep with a stuffed animal....what of it) was kind enough to volunteer to be our tester for diaper changing lessons for Chris and experimentation with the Miracle Blanket for both of us. What a patient bunny. Loki was stretched out in front of the bookcase and Koda, in typical form, knocked over my whole stack of baby clothes so she could sleep on them.

We decided that the beautiful light outside needed to be enjoyed and we headed downtown for the Spirit of Yuma festival. It was mainly cheesy vendors and snow birds (old people) but we also went into some of our favorite antique stores on that street.
After all the shopping the baby needed a snack (see what I did there?). Lucky for us there was a fabulous crepe stand set up and a friendly man dressed as a pirate shared all sorts of crepe making secrets with us while he prepared our banana/strawberry crepe.

A few blocks away there was more activity going on at the Old Yuma Quarter Master's Depot so we ventured over to check it out.
It wasn't too thrilling but we saw some neat old cars and stopped in to say hi to some of the Marines Chris works with who were running a table at the event. It was 80 degrees out, yup in January, so lil' G and I needed a snow cone to keep cool.
It was the biggest snow cone I have ever eaten!

On the way home we stopped by a pick your own grapefruit grove that Chris has heard about. It was a great find and we left with 35 grapefruit for a whopping $4! PhotobucketThey are really delicious and we will definitley be going back once we run out. There is something so satisfying about seeing exactly where you food originated and taking it straight home to enjoy.

If you think this sounds like a jam-packed but glorious Saturday you would be right but we didn't stop there! We headed out to church and enjoyed some beautiful worship music and a really nice message from a member of the congregation. Then it was back home for grilled pizzas with our friend Jeff. The boys played some Wii while I took a break and then we all headed to the movies. We laughed through No Strings Attatched and the comedy of me spilling half my popcorn on the floor and then headed home just before midnight.
Now THAT is a jam-packed Saturday!

was a bit more slow paced but we enjoyed another beautiful day in Yuma. Chris headed out for his Sunday haircut (no shaggy men in the Marine Corps!) and to a friend's for some help fixing his X-box. I whipped up some kick butt guacamole and we headed to Jeff's house to watch some football. I wore yellow and green and routed for the Packers because Chris's mom LOVES the Packers.
Jeff grilled some fabulous ribs and we had a nice afternoon with friends before heading home and collapsing in bed to watched recorded American Idol Auditions.

Sometimes I forget, in my desire to make friends in whatever town the Marine Corps sends us to, that I am lucky enough to be married to my best friend. It is weekends like this one that serve to recharge my soul and remind me that it doesn't really matter what the rest of the world thinks of me as long as Chris and I make time for our relationship.Photobucket


Kate said...

I love this entry so much! Times a million! And then add ten! That's how much I like it.

Sunshine and happiness just radiates from your photos and stories. Even your gorgeous yellow dress made me feel cheery. I am glad the three of you had such a delightful weekend.

Also I am loving the new blog design! It's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

You changed up your blog page. I like it. Almost as much as I like the pictures and the recounting of your extraordinarily wonderful weekend. Happy times - and best of all with your best friend. Love you both ( and G), Mama

Alexa Mae said...

How dang cute are you!!! Your belly is precious.
All of your treats look so scrumptious. I am so happy you have got to spend so much time with your man. I can't wait for your little man to get here. How exciting for your growing family!