Ribs and Ribs and then some more Ribs

Sometimes I like to have a plan.
Actually, 95% of the time I like to have a plan.
It is something that Chris knows about me but sometimes he forgets. Sometimes when there is no plan I freak out a little bit (or a lot a bit...) but lately I have been making an effort to relax a bit. A few dozen people may have mentioned that babies and set plans do not mix well so I am trying to adapt. So far I am enjoying the moments with no plan. I don't mind not knowing what time we will be leaving the house quite as much and I have handled a few last minute changes with grace.
So, this Friday I knew we had a plan to go to a squadron White Elephant party at 7:30. But I didn't freak out when we left the house a little late (my fault anyway because I didn't get dressed until 7:20) and I didn't mind that we were picking up a friend. And I was thankful that we had to go to Walmart on the way to get beer for the husband because we had NO dog food left at home and I can't lift the bags. I was relaxed when we added another pick-up to the list on the way to the party. Do you know what? I was so much calmer when we got to the party because I wasn't worried about all these little changes. I wasn't mad at Chris for changing the plan and he wasn't mad at me for being so nutso and we both had a splendid time at the party. There may be something to this flexibility thing.
Saturday morning Chris made pancakes, they were some of his best I must say. We lazed around the house until close to 10 am when Chris mentioned he had heard about a Rib Cook-off going on that day. Whhhhaaaaat? Ribs you say? Lots of ribs? An event where I am allowed to chew meat off the bone in public and then lick my fingers? Pack the car! Turn on the GPS!
We headed off to Holtville, California with our friend Rick in tow. It is a teeny tiny town (even smaller than Yuma I would venture) about an hour west of us. I have since learned they are the carrot capital of the world, but Saturday all I smelled was delicious BBQ sauces.
There were probably 25 stands with their own "best" ribs. The set-up was simple, you bought a book of tickets and then paid with tickets for ribs at each stand.
In typical Jen fashion the first rib was my favorite of the whole day and I wish I had eaten more ribs from that stand.
Chris said it was too salty which is most likely why I loved it. We waited in a lot of long lines, there were thousands of people there, and my dogs were definitely barking by days end.
I had one slight meltdown when I dropped a rib on the ground. Yes, I cried. Yes, over a rib. But keep in mind I waited in line for about 30 minutes for that rib and that I am pregnant. Baby needed some rib!
Luckily, Chris doesn't clean the rib bones very well so I finished off his rib and was happy once again.
I had saved two tickets for old fashioned ice cream and we waited in our longest line of the day to enjoy its cold sweet icy goodness!. So wonderful.
Aren't you jealous of our deliciously fun Saturday?

Sunday was not as much fun for me :( I woke up at 4 am and started worrying (I am prone to worry all the time). For some reason I was freaked out because Lil' G wasn't moving right that moment...he does sleep too. So I woke Chris up to worry with me, he tried to assuage my fears but soon he was back to dreamland. I tried to sleep but around 6 am I was starving so I got out of my cozy bed and ate a leftover calzone from the previous evening and watched Pawn Stars on the couch. I fell back asleep around 8 and slept on the couch until 10ish while Chris puttered around fixing his X-box.
Chris was kind enough to make me pancakes again (which is what I REALLY wanted at 6 am) and we made plans to run errands for the day. Flash forward 30 minutes to me standing in my closet crying hysterically because none of my clothes fit (did I mention I am hormonal?) my poor sweet husband said all the right things and even offered to take me shopping right then.
We made it through errands and I made it home only to develop the worst headache I have EVER had (and I am a lifetime migraine sufferer). I thought that surely my head would explode like an over inflated balloon and yet again I was in tears (notice a Sunday theme?) Chris and I were in the process of deciding whether or not a hospital visit was in order when the headache miraculously vanished. Thank goodness because I needed a good night of sleep!
After all that worry and headache pain Mr. G has been kicking the heck outta me for two days straight....
Well, I have now rambled quite a bit and so I shall leave you for now. I hope you are all enjoying your week!



Kate said...

Oh Jen, haven't you heard there's no use crying over spilt ribs? Unless they're spilling out of your body because...then...well ouch... and now I'm freaking out over the mental image I've created.

This is one of my favorite posts of yours! I mean, not the Sunday hormones & headaches but the rest is so cheery! I love keeping up to date on my favorite sister's life.

Chris is such a good hubby! Tell him that I'm throwing him a "you're my brother-in-law...God bless us all" today just for how wonderful and supportive he's been.

I love you 3!

Anonymous said...

Love you guys.....Chris is doing all the right things!......Hey Jen, didnt I tell you that the 5 second rule applies for ribs! :-)

All your writing about ribs and ice cream and pancakes has my stomach growling.

What food gets Gman moving?