A Bag-O-Lemons

For the most part I put some real stock in the thought that when life gives you lemons you should try to make lemonade. I have had some crummy moments turn out alright due to this principal (and a fair amount of sugar usually...)


What do you do when it seems like life has filled up a burlap sack full of unripe lemons and then proceeds to beat the crud out of you with it?

That is the big question in our household right now. How can you make lemonade out of a situations that has very few, if any, sweet parts?

A few weeks ago we found out that those stupid Marine Corps Ninjas where up to there usual tricks again, crafty buggers. This time they have decided that Chris should go on deployment for seven months, starting a few weeks after Lil' G is scheduled to make his big debut.

Holy Cow.

We have both been through a lot of emotions the past few weeks as we process and plan what this means for our little family. There are no easy answers for re-imagining the first eight months of G's life without Chris around.

Thank God we are blessed with supportive family who have fully accepted my choice to move back to the great state of Colorado while Chris is away. My parents have been so thrilled to become Grandma and Grandpa but they never imagined that the promotion would include their grown daughter moving home with a newborn and two dogs... they are saints.

Heck, I never imagined living in their basement with my first child in tow, but I guess life doesn't really ask our opinion in these matters. I do know it will be better to be there and crowded than stay here and be all alone with no support system.

For now we don't have a lot of details. Chris should be around for G's birth, which is huge blessing. We are trying to figure out which parts of our life need to go with me to Colorado and the rest will be boxed up and put in storage. It is a difficult undertaking at seven months pregnant to even think about boxing up our whole house...but as with everything else I am sure it will get done.

So, now I am going to go sit in the world's coolest nursery and allow myself to feel sad that Lil' G will not actually get live in the room that Chris and I put so much work and love into.

Here is a song I just discovered that has been helping...


Hilary said...

thanks for posting this my love, i needed to hear that song too