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Today my Mama is coming to visit me! I could go on and on and on about how awesome my Mama is (and probably will at some point) but for today I will just share a few snip-its that illustrate her awesomeness.
This is my Mama and me with Bobby Bowden (best football coach ever) when I was but a young chick-a-dee. Isn't she pretty? Isn't is super cool that my parents took me to all sorts of FSU sporting events as a baby? I think so. Go Noles!
When I was 18 my entire family went to Spain over Christmas break (Mom, Dad, Sister, Aunt, Uncle, 2 cousins and Grandma) it was a once in a lifetime trip, especially because my family is from Spain. We had a splendid time and saw so many unique things. One of my favorite memories from this trip is a gigantic seafood dinner, during which my Mama and I drank a lot of wine and had a grand ole' time. Here we are with sister, Kate, outside the Palace in Madrid.
Another reason my Mama is so splendid is that she is never afraid to be silly with my sister and me. We have dissolved into giggles many a time and I love that! Here we are on Grand Lake a couple summers ago.

My Mama has come to visit me every place i have ever lived (except Italy but I was spending all my parents money planning my wedding...ooops). She is a perfect house guest because she is incredibly laid back. She helps with the cooking and she doesn't mind if the biggest outing I have planned is to Target. Last time she visited me we went to about 5 stores buying and returning baby gates in attempt to puppy-proof my house. Here we are headed to a friend's house for game-night when she visited me in Quantico, VA. (please note that neither Mama or I are big beer drinkers, we prefer somethings sweeter...the beer is Chris')

My Mama has always been supportive of Chris and I. When we were just a young high school couple she would always include him in family events. I think Chris ate dinner at our house 5 nights a week for a few years. She is an ear when I need to vent about married life and a great source of advice on how to calm the waters (she and my amazing Dad have been married 25 years). She kept me sane while I planned my wedding and did a ton of it for me while I lived abroad. Here we are, with Dad, on my wedding day.
So,the moral of the story? My Mama rocks!
Hope you all have a beautiful week, I will be back with an update after my visit with the Mama.


Katie said...

Your Mama DOES rock! Wow I wish I could have your mom---your sister, too for that matter. ;) Kidding, I already have the best sister in the world.

I'm so glad you and Mama will be together this week. I'm jealous of you both! Give each other lots of hugs for me.

Veronica said...

Your mom does rock, I love your mom too. Tell her I said hi!

Barbara said...

Everything you said about your mother is true, but you left out that she is also a great cousin.

Anonymous said...

Your Mom is indeed God's gift and, way way way more than just my better half. I would be parched without her. Glad you're having a great visit!
Love you-