Butter and Lemon

Sauce on the Side
I love lobster. Every year my family would do a lobster dinner and everyone got their own lobster. Mom would melt butter, juice lemons and cook corn on the cob as a side. We would feast like royalty and enjoy every messy moment. These were always good family memories. They always ended with my sister and I playing with our lobster claws.
This weekend I get to go visit my little sister at college. It is her last semester there so I guess she is not so little any more. We don't get to see each other nearly enough but when we do there is always tons of laughter, silly accents, too much food and at least a few Gilmore Girl's quotes. With Chris away there is no-one on earth I would rather spend Valentine's Day with.
Chipmunk, will you be my Valentine?

So, there you have it- this weeks sauce and this lame bloggers only post. Please enjoy your weekend and I promise next week I won't be so blog-lazy!


Katie said...

This post made me go "awww". I'll be your Valentine if you'll be mine!

See you in LESS than 24 hours, sis!

Libby said...

Yay! I hope you girls had a lovely time!