Sauce on the Side
The girls are both teething so moments where both of them are smiling and laughing are a little harder to elicit. Taylor found this bowl in the kitchen cupboards and thought it was the best thing ever. Mckenna loves to be tickled, it is hilarious.
Remember sitting on the back patio and watching the sunset over dinner? And then sitting out there until I was shivering and the whole bottle of wine was gone? I miss that. We live in a postcard and right now it says "I wish you were here". I was in the closet getting dressed the other day when the camera charger fell out of the outlet and scared the heck out of me. Sadly, it also broke my green earring dish that I got at the awesome antique store. Tear.
Yesterday I came home to find the sweetest surprise from you. White and red and pink lilies, beautiful. I can't wait until they all bloom. I can't wait until you are home.
Today the dentist filled 3 cavities in my naughty sugar loving mouth. It only took him an hour, thank goodness. I hate sitting there with my mouth open and my tongue drying out whilst the dentist tries to ask me questions that I cannot feasibly answer. It only took a few hours for the Novocaine to wear off but I had to sport the numb lip smile for a while. Koda has started a small tunnel system in the backyard. She is proud. I am livid. No amount of chicken wire can stop her. Grrrr.

I hope you have a saucy week!


Chris said...

Great post as always! That picture of Taylor in the bowl is outstandingly hilarious. I wish I had a giant orange bowl to play around in... Instead I just get a BIG bathtub and crowded boat. I had the same reminiscent thought of our sunset evenings with (most of the time) great new food and cooking experiences, tossed in with a moderate amount of good drinks, a warm fire, and the company of my best friend. Soon again my love. Can't wait for the next post!