Please, Don't feed the animals

This week I feel like I have been living in a zoo.

Monday evening I managed to dislocate (and relocate immediately thereafter) my right thumb while trying to properly stow my carry-on luggage in the provided overhead compartments. I spent the first 1o minutes of the flight hunched over in my seat willing myself not to pass out or throw-up, I was dripping sweat and felt all the blood in my face drain to my toes. I am sure I looked like a drug addict. I tried to ask the man next to me if I looked pale (a rhetorical question designed to elicit some assistance) but he skillfully dodged my gaze and spent the next 30 minutes staring dutifully out his window. I tried to explain my predicament calmly to the flight attendant and requested some ice, she looked at me as though I had two heads and handed me a cup full of ice. At this point I could no longer hold back the tears and they slid silently down my cheeks as I sat and wavered between pain in my hand and rage towards an entire plane full of people that had to be aware of my distress but did not offer even a kind word. Where's the flippin' humanity people!?
As you can imagine, having limited use of your thumb is kind of a pain. While I am making it work it did set the mood for this week.

Today I was getting a swiffer duster out of the cabinet at work. As I did so I managed to knock out a box of Q-tips. I scrambled to pick them all up before the girls came over and tried to eat them. I forgot the cabinet was still open and stood up quickly and forcefully. This painful gash was the resulting injury. As I lay on the floor howling, with the girls and dogs looking on bewildered, I could literally hear my Mom in my head, "Jen, you have just GOT to slow down". I hate it when she is right!

Today was a beautiful sunny Arizona day so I packed the girls up in the stroller and we went to the park. It is rare that the playground is empty but today it was and the girls both got to go down the slide on my lap, they enjoyed it immensely and it made me smile to see their reactions. Then we noticed "el creepo" and his lady friend. Apparently the park doubles as a Motel 6 when you are 15. This is what Mckenna thinks of that.
It drove Taylor to drink.

The girls had a picnic, which when you are their age means bottles in a stroller under the shade of a nice tree. Then we took a stroll around the park and saw some turtles and the resident park duck.

All in all it could have been a worse afternoon but I could have done with a little less injury and a little more laughter.

Lucky for me I am going to Bekah and Mike's for dinner and they always make me laugh!


Anonymous said...

Oh Jen, I laughed hysterically at the pics of the girls reaction to el creepo. Hope you are feeling better. By the way, it is okay to admit when your mom is right. Take it from me. Love you, Mom