Black Licorice

There are a lot of people in the world who do not care for black licorice. It has a strong unapologetic taste and it doesn't blend well with a lot of other flavors.
Apparently our puppy, Koda, is black licorice.
She is only one year old and has really only had substantial interaction with two other dogs. Loki, her big brother, whom she truly believes controls the rising and the setting of the sun. And Bailey,her puppy pal, who plays hard with Koda and has no fear.
What I learned the last few days is that this means Koda cannot read other dogs or adjust her playing style at all. To Koda playing is nipping and wrestling and that is about it.
I brought Koda and Loki with me to Camp Pendleton to visit Caitlin and Brittany. We are staying at Caitlin's house and I was excited because they have a golden retriever, Zola, who Loki adores. Well, Koda and Zola do not adore each other. In fact they have gotten into it twice since we have been here and now must remain separated at all times.
Koda pierced Zola's ear. Can you imagine the embarrassment of having your dog puncture a hole in one of your best friend's beloved animal's ear?
I can.
It is not fun.
Of course she has been gracious about it but it makes me miss our family's alpha male all the more when the dogs act up.
I told Chris it isn't Koda's fault....after all she has an absentee father.
Poor guy I don't cut him much slack.
Here is a picture of the sleeping monster (looks so sweet doesn't she?) and the two golf ball sized bruises I received from one of the dogs (or both) as I broke up their second fight this morning.
Lucky for Koda I LOVE black licorice.


Kate said...

Oh my! You are quite the brave temporarily-single mother. I hope that you are having a lovely visit with Britt aside from that unfortunate incident.