Soy Sauce

Sauce on the Side Hawai'i Style
Well Folks, I am back in Yuma after an amazing trip to the island paradise of Oahu and I am not going to apologize for not posting anything while I was gone. I was busy catching up with Clare and Sarah and enjoying some beautiful vistas.
Sarah picked me up at the airport and after much hugging and a little anxious waiting for my suitcase we headed over to pick Clare up from work for lunch. In true Jen fashion I knocked some stuff over in Clare's office lobby in my excitment...oops...I guess I like a dramatic klutzy entrance!

I won't bore you with all the talking and reconnecting we did but I will just say that it was as though we were never apart and I love that!

The week consisted of sushi eating, beach walking, island driving, dancing, picture taking, coffee drinking,hiking,New Moon watching and many more adventures. Here are some pictures that can better explain the glorious nature of my week.
Mystical MountainsSarah and me at the airport The view from the top of Diamond Head Crater A shrimp truck on the North Shore The delicious shrimp we got from the truck A cute little bird for my Mama Sarah and me hiking(in flip flops I'll have you know)Diamond Head Crater Me, Clare and Sarah at lunch More wonderful mountain views Sarah, me and Clare in Waikiki Me being silly with "Chinamen's Hat" on the way to the North Shore Sarah, Me and Clare as "Masked Avengers"....you really don't want me to explain this one...
One last mountain view

And there you have it! My vacation in a snap-shot! I promise to be a better blogger now that I am home.


Veronica said...

Ah I'm so envious! I know Wisconsin is not nearly as exciting as Hawaii but you should come visit anyways. After, I get the lay of the land of course and can show you all of the cool places.