Kiwi Cupcakes with Coconut Frosting

Twenty-five years ago today something really amazing happened.
Twenty-five years ago the man who now makes me smile everyday (even from thousands of miles away), the man who knows all my secrets, the man who supports all my crazy ideas and dispels all my crazy fears was born.
And that freaking rocks.
I am so happy that God made this man for me to love. A man who is honorable and respectful and hardworking. A man who keeps me safe and who puts others first. A man who knows how to laugh at himself and how to admit when he was wrong. A man who loves and respects his Mom and a man who can't wait to be a Dad. A man who never passes up a chance to learn about or experience something new.
A man who loves me.
How lucky am I?
I wish he was here or I was there so that I could bake him cupcakes and sing him the birthday song in one of my silly voices and he could roll his eyes at me the way he lovingly does when I am acting like a fool.
Maybe next year.
Until then
Always and Forever Yours


Kate said...

Eh, he's a'ight.


He's my brother-in-law (God help us all!) and I love him and hope he's having a fabulous birthday! Maybe he's eating some delicious sushi. Maybe you should eat sushi in his honor. Just an idea.

Anonymous said...

Awe.....now you went and made your Dad cry for joy! love you both....He is lucky to have you as well my dear. Love you, Daddy

Barbara said...

Chris is a lucky man to have a wife sho loves him so much and created a beautiful birthday tribute to him. Happy belated birthday, Chris.