Sorry Sir, I forgot your sauce

Sauce on the Side
Last week I forgot to write anything on Wednesday. Ooops. Such is life. One might think this means I have twice as much to tell you about this week but that is not the case.
Life has been pretty ordinary the last few weeks. No big trips or crazy adventures just the day to day monotony. That is of course with the exception of a pretty exciting 8 pm trip to Wal-Mart with Bekah during which we bought things neither of us needed and got a little slap happy since 8:30 is both of our bedtimes.
It seems as though everyone is sick right now. I managed to get strep throat TWICE in a row...thrilling. Bekah is sick with a very bad cold and Clare also has strep....maybe I shouldn't visit friends? I feel like I somehow brought them both the plague.
I spent all weekend working on transforming our back bedroom from a dumping ground into a functioning office and studio. It isn't quite finished yet so I will share pictures once it is up to my standards.I can't wait till I have some free time to do some creating in there.
Last Wednesday I woke up to a foggy morning. Which I didn't realize was even possible. It was really lovely to enjoy a cooler day (70's) since it will most likely be our last one until October. It has been in the 90's everyday since then. Oh man, summer is here in the AZ.
The twins are getting bigger everyday. (yes, we still have the box forts. No, they never get old)
They practically run everywhere and have this little half talking half shrieking thing that they do back and forth. I wonder if they understand each other? I think of how closely linked my sister and I are sometimes (sending each other the same text at the same time or showing up wearing almost the same outfit after months of separation...)and I can't imagine what it would be like to have a sister who was your exact same age. They are lucky little girls!
In another month I will be in Colorado and this thought keeps me plugging along. My dear sweet Mama has offered to fly down and drive home with me so I don't have to do the 17 hour trek with only dogs as companions (Loki is not a gentleman) (Koda getting smacked in the head repeatedly with a rattle...such patience)
Though they are cute they don't really carry their weight behind the wheel.I am ready to have some down time and a break from getting up at 5 am. If you are one of my beloved Colorado friends please let me know if there is a chance of seeing you in June. I would love that!
Other than that nothing much is new. I need to go seek out some adventure so I have something more thrilling to tell you about. Until then have a lovely week.


Kate said...

Hm, I might be able to find some time to see you while you're in CO. Maybe.

Your pictures of the foggy day are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

We need to do Sushi when youre here! Love you. Daddy