Life can be downright buttery sometimes. And I love butter. Sure, I drizzle olive oil with the best of them and have used the occasional margarine spread but when I want real, deep, rich, delicious flavor I can't help but come back to butter. I won't try to con anyone into thinking that the all- butter-all-the-time diet is going to start a new craze, I realize that it isn't the most healthy thing on the face of the earth but I don't think a little indulgence will do us that much harm! On the other hand, buttery things are slippery and hard to hold onto and latley time has seemed a little buttery, like it is moving too fast and is too slick to be held onto.

The entire month of December melted away as quickly as a pat of butter on a Saturday morning breakfast skillet. We enjoyed simmering in buttery evenings with friends, including nights out and nights in. Chris had his first meal of sushi and loved almost everything he tried, for a sushi lover like myself this was indeed a rich and buttery moment of enjoyment!We opened our home to friends several times and celebrated the Christmas season with some homemade Butter Cookies with cinnamon icing. They were that wonderful buttery texture that simply melts in your mouth.We have relished those moments of rare calm that come when few and far between when you have two dogs. But sometimes, in those moments of calm we sneak a peek at our fur-babies in their cutest element. Wonderfully buttery moments to be sure!

And so, before we knew it, 2009 had come and gone and here we site in 2010. Our blessings were many in the past year and though 2010 will surely hold some less than buttery moments we are excited to see what adventures it will present for us!


Katie said...

Happy 2010! I know it's going to be a really big year for you & Chris. I am so glad he finally got around to liking sushi--now we can take him for Chris rolls!

So I'm gonna need the recipe for those butter cookies, please and thank you.

The Boob Nazi said...

Thanks for the advice! If I weren't so lazy, I'd get up and try that now! haha