Sauce on the Side, please

I like my sauces, dressings, etc..on the side. I do not like my lettuce drowning in my ranch. I do not like my streak swimming in A-1. The only downside is that often the sauce is forgotten by the well meaning waiter or waitress and I must wait... or consume my meal without said sauce. Today I was thinking that sometimes my conversations or stories are like that. I forget the little details that I really meant to share. So, I think Wednesdays shall be "Sauce on the Side" days so that I can fill in some of the gaps. Most importantly it is a good way share with husband (who has internet but no phone on his deployment) the things that I wish I could tell him when I lay in bed at night and think about my day.

And so I give you....

Sauce on the Side

* Yesterday our landlord finally had the two dead trees in our front yard taken out. Yes, I know the trees have been dead since we moved here in May. Yes, I know our landlord has been telling us they will be taken out since June. No, I did not think this would ever happen. Yes, I pulled in the drive-way and thought I was at the wrong house, silly Jen.

* The Jeep Liberty died, again. Not that this will surprise you, it always dies the minute you leave for any amount of time. I am proud of my independent woman status but I don't know a radiator from a gas cap so it will probably sit in the garage until you get home.

*Loki and I got in a fight today. You and I both know that he is a mama's boy but sometimes he gets a little crazy. Today, at work, he found a rawhide treat that belonged to Cooper (the twins dog) and he took it. Well, that isn't allowed. Remember when he took the whole beer can chicken off the grill and tried to swallow it whole? It was like that. I had to sit on him, pin him down and pry his jaws open. I growled at him the whole time, I am a firm believer of using animal tactics to control my animal. He hasn't left my side since our "argument".
*Koda and Taylor are still in love. Koda sniffs her butt to make sure her diapers are clean. She licks her face to clean off the crumbs. And in return Taylor pulls her tail and plays with her ID tag. It is so durn cute.

*Taylor and Mckenna love oranges. It is freakishly messy but so worth is to watch them enjoy the new flavor.

So, there you have it, some sauce.


Katie said...

I am so happy that I get to be your sister. I just wanted to say that.

Those pictures of the pups and babes were freakishly adorable!

I'm glad you can share everyday details of life with Chris while he's gone. He's in my prayers (as are you). Love you both!

Alexa Mae said...

i love this post. i love this idea for your husband and it was fun to read. you are darling!

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite posts yet babe, these anecdotes are fantastic! - Hubby