Sweet AND Sour AND Sweet

Some things are Sweet...
Like seeing a rainbow as you drive to San Diego for a day of adventure with your husband.

And some things are Sour..

Like finding your sweet and innocent puppy looking like this.

Sometimes sweet is cooking a delicious meal with your other half.

And sometimes Sour is seeing a breakfast dish and knowing you won't make him another breakfast for six months.

Some moments are Sweet.
Like dog piles and self-portraits.

Some moments are Sour.
Like "See you laters"

Today I said "see you later" to my best friend, he will be deployed with the United States Marine Corps for six months and that is Sour indeed.

Lucky for me I will love him just as much then as I do now. Lucky for me I have an amazing support system here at home.

Lucky me, I have a Sweet friend who made sure I got my run in today and got those endorphins kicking.

Lucky me, I have cheerful things like peacock feather headbands, to brighten my attitude and make going out of the house seem Sweet.

Lucky me, I have dark chocolate M&M's, which always make life Sweet.

And so, while things may seem pretty Sour at times over the coming months, I will keep my chin up and remember that our love is Always Faithful.


Anonymous said...

Ah, now you've gone and made me cry......
Love you Jen and I know you and Chris will survive this time. Mom and I are so very very proud of both of you but also, still being Mommy and Daddy, need you to know that you always have us nearby or right there whenever you need.

Alexandria said...

You have the sweetest blog! I followed you over here from your lovely sisters blog!

Thank you to your husband for keeping us ALL safe.

Libby said...

I didn't know you had a blog! I'm glad I found it though, and loved this entry. Here's to everything that is made sweeter by getting through the sour.

Katie said...

I love you sister! You inspire me every day.