I know what you're thinking "Nutty, Crisp, Aromatic, Buttery....GREEN? She has lost her mind quickly since that man of hers left town"
However, I think things can taste green and we all know that people can be green and we are all supposed to "Go Green". Today was a green day.

It started out with me being green. Today I had my first experience taking babies to a Pediatrician. For those of you who are scratching your heads wondering when I had a baby, I did not. I am a nanny.
I love my little twins and last week it nearly broke my heart when Taylor came down with a virus, threw up 16 times and was admitted to the hospital. That is an awful lot for a 10 month old to handle. Her twin sister, Mckenna, got a lighter version of the same bug but I think she suffered more from missing her sister than anything else. But I digress.

So this afternoon I installed car seats, buckled in sleepy babies, set the GPS and headed off for the Doctor's. Now, I am not a pro at this but I feel certain that office staff are not supposed to be snotty and nurses are supposed to let you put the two baby carriers down before assaulting you with a barrage of veiled and confusing questions, but who am I to question...

Taylor screamed when they weighed her, Mckenna screamed when she saw the Doctor enter the room and I screamed (silently) when the 20 year old receptionist stood by and watched me try to open the office door with my nose. But the great news is the girls are both perfectly fine and I will no longer be green at the Pediatricians!

(in case you live in a magical place with no screaming ...this is what it looks like)

Another thing I am green at is running. I started 3 weeks ago and I am really enjoying it. I can run one mile and I am very proud of myself for that one mile. Today I ran my one mile in 12 minutes. I am proud of myself for that too (so take that all you 6 minute mile runners!). Today was also one of the first days of running where I felt good at it, I pushed myself a little harder, I ran a little faster and I didn't feel like I would actually die at the end. So here's to being a little less green at that too!

Not to disappoint, I also had a green dinner.It was what, when Chris asks what is for dinner and I don't have the foggiest, I call a mish-mash dinner. Tonight I opened the fridge and saw 3 half used containers of basil, about 15 pine nuts and about 2 tablespoons of Parmesan cheese (not green, thank goodness) just waiting to meet their maker. And so the only obvious answer was pesto. Yummy! Paired with the end of a box of gluten-free pasta and a chicken thigh from the freezer it was quite a feast. To add some festivity I finished off a bottle of sparkling grape juice from New Year's Eve (in a green bottle of course) and it was an excellent vintage.

Here are some other green things I adore.

Kermit the Frog

Our bedroom wall

Dark green tic-tacs

I hope you too had a colorful day. Go on, tell me what color it was or what color you wish it had been...