Thousand Island

Sauce on the Side

*Last night I was removing my nail polish at the kitchen counter. I reached for the remote, knocked over the remover and it drenched poor lil' Koda who was sleeping below. In order to further torture her I had to give her a bath to remove the stench.

*I need running shoes, the 25$ Payless sneakers aren't doing the trick now that I do more than just walk the dogs in them. As you know, I like buying shoes when they are cute and have fun little details or unique features (or if they are on sale). I do not like buying practical shoes. Any suggestions on a good running shoe for my tired tootsies?

*American Idol has begun again, I know this will make you jealous. Sadly, I will have to mock and judge by myself this season, but, on the up side we won't have to argue over the contestants I like that you hate. Someone I went to high school with is going to Hollywood, am I obligated to vote for him just because we once ran in the same theater crowd? Do you think I could be the NEXT American Idol?
Yes, that would be me, singing Manic Monday for our 80's themed girls night at Firkin...good times!

*Did I mention the dogs are sleeping on the bed again? Ooops. Our king sized bed is perfect for the two of us but it is empty with just me in it and it is too cold without my personal space heater (you). Loki sleeps at the bottom, where he always slept before we kicked him out, and Koda sleeps right up next to your pillow. They keep me comfy and cozy.
Koda and her spot by your pillow.

Loki has a sleepy face only a mother could love

And there you have it, this weeks sauce.


V-row said...

I like New Balance Running Shoes. I hear Rykas are good too but they're too narrow for me

Katie said...

You're wrong, that is not a sleepy face only a mother could love. That is an ADORABLE sleepy face that I love.

Who from TR is going to Hollywood? Do I know them?

Alexandria said...

Your blog is super cute! All I know is I find great running shoes at Kohls or TJ Maxx! Good shoes, fab prices!

I love American Idol!

Anonymous said...

You snuggle up to those dogs as much as you need babe! Although I don't know how close I'd want to get with one of them smelling like nail polish remover... As for American Idol, I did see it on TV here the other day, but I just haven't had time to watch it. Just vote for the norm so we'll be on the same page: hometown girl/guy that doesn't have a warped sense of reality like the rest of the contestants and can sing a good "Amazing Grace".