Just Add Water

"Just Add Water"
A phrase most people relish as they walk through the isles of the grocery store pondering what they can make to eat that won't require too much effort. Usually the end result is blueberry muffins, Italian dressing or maybe some wonderful meal-in-a-bag invention. In Yuma the results of adding water are not nearly as satisfying.
In Yuma, when you add water, you get pandemonium. You get elderly people that should have just stayed indoors but insist on getting to Wal-Mart by going 10 mph. You get roads that flood like crazy because the dry dry earth can't absorb the water. You get power outages and floods in the living room at work. You get to pick up dog poo inside because your puppy has never seen rain and won't go outside.
In short, I do not think that adding water to Yuma is a good idea. I will assume that Mother Nature reads my blog and agrees.
Here are some photos of the rain, the roads, what to do with babies on rainy days and how much my dogs like to drink water....thrilling, I know.


Katie said...

Is this the first time it's rained since you moved there? I am fascinated by Yuma + Rain. We get rain all the time over here in Memphis so you'd think our roads would be equipped to handle it, but no, we still flood a lot. I hope it's sunny for you when you come visit!